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Cog Multimedia – your local agent for EFICE E-catch in Northern Ireland

What is EFICE E-catch?

Under current regulations, Logbooks have become a mandatory requirement, replacing the existing paper-based logbook for vessels above 15 metres from 1st July.

E-catch have designed and created an electronic logbook that lets you do this on board any fishing vessel.

The software has been developed by working with professionals within the business. By trials and testing in co-operation with the UK government, a product has been created that adheres to the standards set by the UK Fishing Authority. An excellent balance between user friendliness and functionality has been found.

Please contact us for a demonstration or for training on how to use the software. We can also supply any hardware you need to run the software.

Efice E-catch

Please call 02892622232

Or email support@cogmultimedia.com